Jun 9, 2010

oOo New Books Coming

Posted by Rebs @ Book-Rants at Wednesday, June 09, 2010
Ok, before I get to the new books I have a little rant I need to get off my chest. I live on the west coast of Canada, close to the US's Pacific Northwest coast and I love it here, I love the ocean, the forests and I love the fact that it rains.. a lot. It's raining today and I think rain is one of the most beautiful things in the world, always have, it makes the world seem quieter, more peaceful, it makes everything smell fresh and clean. Now onto the people in my office and every time it rains they complain..NON-STOP!! "When is the weather going to get better", "when will it stop", "why does it have to rain all the time" etc etc
It drives me up the wall, I cannot stand people who complain about the rain, here anyways. I could understand if I lived in say LA or Miami where it doesn't rain so often, but come on people, I just want to say to them "you are well aware of what the weather is like here, if you don't like it then move!!"...ok, rant over. Now onto some fun new books I found.

Infinite Days (Vampire Queen)by Rebecca Maizel
Release Aug 2010
She longs to be like everybody else. But her history is written in blood... Lenah Beaudonte is in many ways your average sixteen-year-old: the new girl,” she struggles to fit in enough to survive at school, and stand out enough to catch the eye of the golden-boy captain of the lacrosse team. But her challenges are beyond what anyone could have expected. Lenah just happens to be a recovering five-hundred-year-old vampire turned human… She’s just awakened from a century-long hibernation and each passing hour hears another tick of the time-bomb, counting down to the moment when her abandoned vampire coven will open the crypt where she should be sleeping, and find her gone. As her borrowed days slip by, Lenah resolves to live her newfound life as fully as the passing moments allow. But, to do so, she must first answer the ominous questions at hand: Can an ex-vampire survive in a time and place so alien to her? What can Lenah do to protect her new friends from the bloodthirsty menace about to descend upon them? And how is she ever going to pass her biology midterm

Dark Song by Gail Giles
Release Sept 2010
Mark said he heard the dark song when he creeped houses. The song the predator's heart sings when it hears the heart of the prey. I heard it now. Mark said it had always been in me. Lurking. Waiting for me to hear.

Ames is not the person she was a few months ago. Her father lost his job, and her family is crumbling apart. Now, all she has is Marc. Marc, who loves her more than anything. Marc, who owns a gun collection. And he'll stop at nothing--even using his guns--to get what he wants. Ames feels her parents have betrayed her with their lies and self-absorption, but is she prepared to make the ultimate betrayal against them?

The Frenzy by Francesca Lia Block
Release Oct 2010
When she was thirteen, something terrifying and mysterious happened to Liv that she still does not understand, and now, four years later, her dark secret threatens to tear her apart from her family and her true love.


Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com on June 14, 2010 at 7:51 AM said...

O the Frenzy sounds good :)

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