Mar 25, 2010

Fragile Eternity by Melissa Marr

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Summary: With summer approaching, Aislinn finds herself increasingly attracted to Keenan, the Summer King. Yet Aislinn clings to her love for Seth, refusing to release her connection to the mortal world. A paragon of patience, Seth knows that Aislinn’s immortality will eventually separate them, and he pursues a dangerous remedy as tensions within Faerie increase and allegiances shift

My Thoughts: I thoroughly enjoyed book 1 and book 2 in the series, and I was quite excited when this came out. For whatever reason I had no desire what so ever to pick this book up. And I didn't, I ended up trying out the audio book instead. I've tried audio books in the past and I don't really enjoy them. I've never found one that was read with a voice I enjoyed. This was no different. But aside from the voice of the guy that read the audio book, I do like Marr's prose.
My interest in Aislinn/Seth/Keenan waned in this book. I thought the plot fairly slim. It seems to happen to me a lot. I think it's because the male and female heroes get together in the first book and then there isn't much in the way of wooing going on in the sequels. There wasn't really anything wrong with the story or the writing, other than it just wasn't for me. I could see this still rating very high with others who enjoyed the first two books, I guess I'm just a little faeried out. Anyways I'll probably keep up on what happens in the next one but I'll probably just hear about it from my co-worker who loves these books rather than read it myself.

Mar 23, 2010

Coming Soon....

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Came across these September releases today:

Wildthorn by Jane Eagland
Seventeen-year-old Louisa Cosgrove longs to break free from her respectable life as a Victorian doctor's daughter. But her dreams become a nightmare when Louisa is sent to Wildthorn Hall: labeled a lunatic, deprived of her liberty and even her real name. As she unravels the betrayals that led to her incarceration, she realizes there are many kinds of prison. She must be honest with herself - and others - in order to be set free. And love may be the key...

Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly
BROOKLYN: Andi Alpers is on the edge. She's angry at her father for leaving, angry at her mother for not being able to cope, and heartbroken by the loss of her younger brother, Truman. Rage and grief are destroying her. And she's about to be expelled from Brooklyn Heights' most prestigious private school when her father intervenes. Now Andi must accompany him to Paris for winter break.

PARIS: Alexandrine Paradis lived over two centuries ago. She dreamed of making her mark on the Paris stage, but a fateful encounter with a doomed prince of France cast her in a tragic role she didn't want - and couldn't escape.

Two girls, two centuries apart. One never knowing the other. But when Andi finds Alexandrine's diary, she recognizes something in her words and is moved to the point of obsession. There's comfort and distraction for Andi in the journal's antique pages - until, on a midnight journey through the catacombs of Paris, Alexandrine's words transcend paper and time, and the past becomes suddenly, terrifyingly present.

Contagion by Joanne Dahme
Not really sure what this one is about but I really liked the cover so I thought I would post it anyways.

Firelight by Sophie Jordan
With her rare ability to breathe fire, Jacinda is special even among the draki—the descendants of dragons who can shift between human and dragon forms. But when Jacinda’s rebelliousness leads her family to flee into the human world, she struggles to adapt, even as her draki spirit fades. The one thing that revives it is Will, whose family hunts her kind. Jacinda can’t resist getting closer to him, even though she knows she’s risking not only her life but the draki’s most closely guarded secret.

Mar 22, 2010

Give Up The Ghost by Megan Crewe

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Summary: Ever since Cass' sister died she has been able to see ghosts. Around the same time she was ostracized from her group of friends. It's now four years later and she is still a loner, only now no one picks on her because she has the dirt on everyone. The ghosts that haunt the school hear all and spill all to Cass which she uses to keep everyone in line. One of the most popular boys in school, Tim, figures out that she's got something going on with the other side and after his mother passes he asks Cass to help him find her. Cass realizes along the way that maybe living people aren't so bad.

My Thoughts: I really, really enjoyed this book. I ate it up and read it in one day. I could easily identify with the characters, especially Cass. She reminded me a little of myself. I liked the fact that she didn't just fall all over Tim the moment he talked to her. They're relationship was never easy, and it made it seem real. In real life people mess up and make mistakes and relationships are hard. This book got that. I thought the story moved along well and I was satisfied with the ending. I'm looking forward to more from Megan Crewe. And bonus points go to her since she's Canadian :)
I give this 4.5 out of 5

Mar 15, 2010

Tithe by Holly Black

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Kaye, a rebel teenager, moves back to her old home town with her mother. Kaye has memories from her childhood of fairies that she is not quite sure are real. It turns out later that Kaye is actually a faerie herself, and was hidden with a glamour so she looked human. It's all part of a plot of the Unseelie Court. It doesn't go as planned and the courts are plagued by political espionage and Kaye tries to save herself and her friends from danger. Meanwhile Kaye meets a knight of the courts, Roiben, and of course they have a bit of a romance.

My thoughts: I enjoyed this book. The characters were interesting and the story was paced well. However, it's fairly similar to most other books that revolve around the fey. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I'm kind of a on the look out for a book about the fey that has a unique twist. If anyone knows of any let me know.
This book would be enjoyed by anyone who liked Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr or Need by Carrie Jones.

3.75 out of 5
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Mar 10, 2010


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So my husband, who is not a reader, unless you count comic books, yes my husband still reads comics and collects action figures and watches cartoons...anyways he made a new years resolution to read more novels. Which I thought was great because I love reading as well. He came up with a number, which I can't remember, of how many books he's going to finish before the end of the year. Now my husband likes lists, and schedules, for example every October he makes a chart of all the horror movies he'll watch that month, because of Halloween, and the dates he's going to watch them. Same with the month of December only for Christmas movies. So he's made a list of the books he'll read and how many pages a day he'll do. If you ask me, I kind of think that takes the fun out of fun activities, but to each their own... Now if only he could be so organized about other things around the house, like the dishes or taking out the garbage..
I'm getting a little side tracked...he started off reading the Star Wars novels and then out of blue is like "honey, I'm going to read Twilight" and I respond and say "what?, really? Why?"..he says "I want to know what all the fuss is about this Edward and Jacob."
So he's almost finish the book now and every day I ask him how's he's liking it and what part he's at.
So far he's told me "Edward is a jerk and Bella is pretty whiny and I don't know why she likes him. I think I have a feeling I'm going to be Team Jacob"
I thought this was pretty funny so I'd thought I'd share.

Mar 4, 2010

Incarceron Movie

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I've seen a lot of buzz lately about the book Incarceron by Catherine Fisher. I haven't read it yet, I'll probably will eventually. I read today that the movie rights were sold.

"Fox 2000 has won a bidding war for the film rights to Brit author Catherine Fisher's young-adult tome "Incarceron," with an eye to spinning the dystopian fantasy into a franchise.
John Palermo will produce via Seed Prods., Palermo and Hugh Jackman's Fox-based shingle.

"Incarceron" is a priority for Fox 2000 and Seed, with the project going out to directors and writers to adapt. At least two other studios were vying for the film rights"

Read full article here.

I wasn't sure if I should have posted this news on my new movie blog, but since it's still in the very early stages I figured I'd post it here. It sounds like this will be something to look forward to, I love movies that are based on books.

Mar 3, 2010

Coming Soon

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Summary On Amazon:
On one side of the border lies the modern world: the internet, homecoming dances, cell phones. On the other side dwell the ancient monsters who spark humanity's deepest fears: dragons.
Seventeen-year-old Kay Wyatt knows she's breaking the law by rock climbing near the border, but she'd rather have an adventure than follow the rules. When the dragon Artegal unexpectedly saves her life, the rules are abruptly shattered, and a secret friendship grows between them.
But suspicion and terror are the legacy of human and dragon inter­actions, and the fragile truce that has maintained peace between the species is unraveling. As tensions mount and battles begin, Kay and Artegal are caught in the middle. Can their friendship change the course of a war?

I just saw this today, I'm sure I've seen it promoted before but I can't remember where or when. I have the memory equal to a gold fish so I forget things...A LOT! Anyways I'm excited for this one. I've read one book previous of Carrie Vaughn's and it was ok, but this is her first YA and I generally like YA books better, also as a bonus it's written in 3rd person, which I have a hard time finding these days! Anyone got an good recommends for newer books written in 3rd person?

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