Jun 8, 2011

Review - Child Of The Grove by Tanya Huff

Posted by Rebs @ Book-Rants at Wednesday, June 08, 2011
Child Of The Grove by Tanya Huff
Released 1988
Rating 5 out of 5
Sexual Content: Not much to mention, but there was some violence.

My Cover Blurb: "Action Packed Magical Whirlwind"

When the world's last wizard threatens the people of Ardhan with destruction, the Elder Races break their silence to gift the kingdom with a child (Crystal) whose magical powers represent her land's only hope.

My Thoughts:
Tanya Huff is one of my all time favorite authors. So far I have not read a book by her that I have disliked and this one is no different. I'm always impressed by how much I can get involved with the characters and the story she writes. Something about the way she writes really appeals to me. I think it's because you always get to know more, and I always hate it when you read a book and only learn about one or two characters. In Child of the Grove you get to learn about Crystal, the main character, as well as many of her family and friends. I've come to realize that Huff is not afraid to take risks, but I'm still always shocked when a favorite character dies or something happens. I won't say who but it's always someone I miss once they're gone. This is very much a fantasy novel, with centaurs, wizards, magic etc.

I can see why some who may be used to the way YA fantasy is written today would not be interested in this, as there is quite a bit of back story before the main character is even born. That was really a plus for me, and I liked that as I mentioned. But I guess some may say the story is slow to start. Although there is constant action in this book.

The world building in the book reminds me quite a bit of the Tortall written in Tamora Pierce's books, especially the early ones. I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoyed the Song of the Lioness trilogy.

Wizard Child Series

Book #1 Child Of The Grove

Book # 2 The Last Wizard

Printed now in a combo Wizard of the Grove


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