Jul 26, 2011

Review - Just Like Heaven by Julia Quinn

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Just Like Heaven by Julia Quinn
Released: May 2011
Genre: Historical/Regency Romance
Rating: 4 out of 5
Pages: 384
Source: Purchased (Book Depository)
Sexual Content: Some Sex


Honoria Smythe-Smith, the youngest daughter of the eldest son of the Earl of Winstead, plays the violin in the annual musicale performed by the Smythe-Smith quartet. She's well aware that they are dreadful but she's the sort who figures that nothing good will come of being mortified, so she puts on a good show and laughs about it.

Marcus Holroyd is the best friend of Honoria's brother Daniel, who lives in exile. Marcus has promised to watch out for Honoria, but he faces a challenge when she sets off for Cambridge determined to marry by the end of the season. She's got her eye on the only unmarried Bridgerton, who's a bit wet behind the ears. When her advances are spurned, can Marcus swoop in and steal her heart in time for the musicale?

My Thoughts:

I'm a long time Quinn fan so I automatically buy her novels as they are released. I got this one pretty much as soon as it was out and gobbled it up quick. I love pretty much every one of her novels so I kind of rate these based on others written by Quinn. I gave this a 4 mainly because it wasn't quite as funny as the last two that came out, but it of course is still excellent and rated against any other book by another author it would get a 5 rating. I was so happy when I read months and months ago that the Smythe-Smith girls were getting a series. Anyone who has read past Quinn novels would know all about the Smythe-Smith annual musicale. The girls are famous for having no musical talent but forced to preform in front of their peers each year. I loved seeing behind those closed doors. In the previous books where the Smythe-Smith girls have been mentioned you have no idea how they feel about preforming and it was nice to see that they hated playing just as much as the audience hated hearing them. My only qualm with this book was the time spent on Marcus' illness, while I did like that Honoria and Marcus spent the time together learning about each other it went on a little long. I would have liked to see them in London a little bit more. Other than that this book delivers classic Julia Quinn style. The writing is excellent as always, and it has the added wit that I find most regency romances lacking. I would highly recommend to any fan of historical romance, especially those who have enjoyed the Bridgerton Series also by Quinn.

Smythe-Smith Quartet

Book #1 Just Like Heaven

Book #2 TBA

Book #3 TBA

Book #4 TBA


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